Multi-City Equity

Multi-City Equity represents a coalition that reflects the strength and dedication of many people from our local communities. The inspiration for the coalition is an acknowledgment that barriers exist which prevent some people from fully participating in the quality of life that our communities have to offer.

Barriers to equity can be deliberate, but more often they are inadvertent. It is only through examining how we approach diversity, equity, and inclusion that we can recognize these barriers and collectively find a way to remove them.

The 2019 Multi-City Equity Summit provided a forum where we could:

Collectively deepen our understanding of how racism and discrimination are experienced in our communities

Share ways that our communities are responding to the problem in neighborhoods, schools, and the city government

Explore ways to address these issues at the local level

Our 2020 framework is to promote learning, dialogue, and action. Speakers, panel discussions, and workshops will let everyone more fully understand where the barriers to equity are and participate in developing plans to break down those barriers.

The coalition is currently planning events for 2020.