Multi-City Equity Summit Review

Saturday, October 19th, 2019, was a satisfying day for the many people who worked to organize our inaugural event. Over 350 people attended, and the day was packed with opportunities to learn, discuss, and connect. Feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive, and the question “What next?” was common.

The program for the event was developed to provide opportunities for a wide range of attendees ranging from concerned citizens to professionals engaged in equity-related work. The underlying framework of the program is characterized by the different aspects of learning and change that were emphasized:

Education to provide new learning experiences

Discussion and conversation for more deeply exploring different facets of equity

Action planning to develop practical ideas for implementing positive change in our communities

The Multi-City Equity coalition of cities recognizes that change comes in a step by step process and that the 2019 Equity Summit was an excellent first step. Work is underway to explore our options for 2020. We welcome any and all input regarding your ideas on moving forward. We welcome your participation in the 2020 program.

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Resources and References

West Linn Alliance for Inclusive Community participates in the 2019 Equity Summit

The event was covered by local Pamplin Media papers and journalist Claire Holley published several articles covering the event on October 24th. (Lake Oswego Review; Wilsonville Spokesman)

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